WellCast’s “Triple-P Method”

Are you lacking confidence when even thinking about public speaking? 

Never fear, the WellCast Triple-P Method is here!

WellCast published this video in 2012 to help you “Be a More Confident Public Speaker” and accompanied the video with this worksheet to help you out with your speaking points and extras to include in your speech. The following is a summary of their video.

The “Triple-P Method” to Being a More Confident Public Speaker:

  1. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare
    • It is important to know your subject backwards and forwards
    • You also need to know exactly how you’re going to present it
  2. Posture and Physicality are key. Here are some tips for that:
    • Avoid large meals and dairy products before your speech
    • Bring a water bottle up with you, and don’t be afraid to take sips occasionally!
    • Stand naturally—it’ll help you look cool, calm, and collected, and it will help you breathe better
  3. Pander to your audience
    • Don’t be completely serious (unless the occasion calls for it)
    • Avoid reading entirely off notecards (or you could lose your audience)
    • Throw a joke or two in!
      • Did the joke just bring silence? Turn the silence into a joke!