Listening Skills

Videos to Watch:

Diane DiResta (Playlist)
Communication Coach Alex Lyon
Julian Treasure
Litmos Heros

Posts to Read:

The Best Public Speakers Are Exceptional Listeners (Sims Myeth via Inc.)

Public Speaking Tip 12: Listen to your Audience (Part 1) (Speak Up for Success with Jezra Kaye)

Public Speaking Tip 13: Listen to your Audience (Part 2) (Speak Up for Success with Jezra Kaye)

Documents to Check Out:

Listeners and Speakers: Peer Evaluation Checklist (A Speaker’s Guidebook: Text and Reference, 7th Edition, 2018)

Note: This checklist is good to look over to get a better understanding of what audience members might be expecting to hear from you while speaking, and also some things to look for as others are speaking.

Listening Effectively (Jenn Q. Goddu via The Public Speaking Project)