Managing Speaking Anxiety

Managing Speaking Anxiety Introduction Video

Videos to Watch:

Matt Abrahams
Mel Robbins
COMMpadres Media

Side note one: Although she does not deal with public speaking specifically in her video above, Mel Robbins gives an excellent and personable talk about ways to stop fear and anxiety that can easily be applied to any speech, presentation, or even an important conversation you need to have! She is hands-down my favorite life coach.

Side note two: If you especially like to hear about the technical, physical, psychological, and physiological aspects of topics, be sure to check out the interesting video from COMMpadres Media above! 

Posts to Read:

Nervous About Public Speaking? Three Experts Share Their Tips and Tricks (Tina Chan)

Side note: The tips and tricks found on this American Library Association post by Tina Chan cover more than just speaking anxiety, but what is shared is extremely useful, brief, and straight forward! 

6 Strategies For Managing Public Speaking Anxiety (YPO)

Documents to Check Out:

Managing Speech Anxiety (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Center for Excellence in Communication)

Techniques for Managing Public Speaking Anxiety (University of North Carolina Greensboro, The University Speaking Center)

Top 10 Tips for Managing Presentation Anxiety (Matt Abrahams via boldecho)